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Xiao En Cultural Foundation

Xiao En Cultural Foundation is a charity organization established by the Xiao En Group to promote life concerns and humanity development, as well as to support academic research and cultural exchange in the Asia Pacific region.

It is an independent body that transcends all religious, political and racial boundaries. In 2001, the foundation registered as a non-profit organization.

In order to promote life concerns and human development, Xiao En Cultural Foundation not only organizes its own activities and sponsors research projects and publications it&rsquos also ready to collaborate and hold dialogues with religious organizations, traditional Chinese associations, non-government organizations as well as educational and research institutions from various regions.

Embracing the advent of the 21st century, we will do our part to contribute to the elevation of human civilization.

  • To promote, preserve as well as implement the traditional values of the Malaysian society, to promulgate a sense of gratitude and respect for the elderlies as embodied in the culture of filial piety.
  • To enhance the culture diversity and the exchange of arts and folk festivals in the Malaysia Sosiety as well as to promote better understanding among the different ethnic groups.
  • To offer and sponsor research projects that meet the foundation's objectives, with an emphasis on the care and support for old folks homes, orphanages, minorities and marginalized groups.
  • To organize or sponsor academic researches, seminars and cultural activities.
  • To publish and distribute books, information and literatures relevant to the foundation's objectives on various media.
  • To establish websites to promote the related goals and to set up a cultural database and electronic publications, and to enhance interaction on a
    global level.
  • To offer or sponsor research projects and seminars on the Malaysian traditional cultures, social histoies, lifestyles, heritage conserration, arts and traditions.
  • To work with other public and private institutions, including charity organizations, cultural organizations, research institutions, non-governmental organizations and the mass media, to carry out the above activities.
  • To collect, disseminate and preserve important materials regarding the country's traditional culture, arts, social history, folklores, etc. for public reference.









抗震救灾时,我们“情比血浓” -《情比血浓》制作侧记

Xiao En Cultural Foundation